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Athletic Recruiting Made SimpleHospitality server

The process of recruiting one single athlete, regardless of the sport, is arduous and expensive both in terms of financial resources and the time expended by the team, recruiting coordinator and actual position coach that engage in snail mail communication, email communication, telephone calls, text messages and follow-up. 

It can be compared to a salesman who is “cold-calling” a prospect in the hopes of developing a “qualified” lead for follow-up, sales presentation and ultimately the close.

Further, the process is complicated because the idea of a “Best Fit” is a two edged sword as the athlete, the primary individual in this process, brings their own perceptions and variables to the equation. There is nothing quite as frustrating as going through the process and ending up with an unhappy athlete who has determined that the school and or the program are not a best fit; the same can be said about the program. Mismatches are costly and painful. If this is the case, both parties end up with unmet expectations that lead to lower competitive and academic productivity.  The idea of having to spend further resources to replace an athlete is not a pleasant thought.

Since great choices make great futures, there has to be a better, easier way. 

How tough is it now?


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